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What Is Elderspeak?

A senior man and his daughter smiling and talking to each other while sitting on a couch.

Getting older is never a reason that a senior should receive anything but dignified and respectful treatment from caregivers and loved ones. And how we talk to a senior—the words and tone of voice we use—can be uplifting or damaging. Elderspeak is a way of talking to a senior that assumes they aren’t capable of […]

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Talking to Your Children About Assisted Living Care

Talking about assisted living care can be incredibly difficult, and although there are many resources for children looking to start the challenging conversation with their parents, the same cannot be said for proactive parents. Rather than waiting for your children to make the decision for you, we recommend that you start the conversation early so that you […]

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How to Talk to Someone with Dementia

Communicating with an individual who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s can be challenging. As the illness progresses, communication becomes increasingly difficult as they struggle to remember ideas, articulate their thoughts, and manage their emotions.  Despite these struggles, it’s incredibly important to continue to communicate with these individuals, as those relationships help promote better self-esteem, sense […]

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