I just like the variety of recreational things for them to do. They bring the family to do some things and I think that is great. The care my mother-in-law gets from the care staff is good.

Cheryl R (Daughter in law)

My loved one has been there, safe and comfortable, for almost five years. She’s got a nice little room, more space than most in Memory Care. It’s beautiful, well kept, and clean. She likes the food. She never complains about it. I think they turn the menu over every six weeks and every now and then they come up with a surprise dish. One day she had shrimp was out of her mind with happiness. The staff caters to her. There are plenty of activities. From what I hear from my loved one, management seems to meet her needs. As far as I know they’re respectful and knowledgeable. She raves about housekeeping. She uses the transportation service there occasionally. They have been bringing her to doctor’s appointments so I am glad they offer that service. The care givers are excellent; they’re very attentive to her. They go above and beyond what they need to do. They’re friendly and stop to chat with her. She’s happy there. She is content; she’s satisfied with pretty much everything.

Josephine O (Friend)

The whole place is clean, very clean. It’s a good value, I feel safe here and I am comfortable.

Annette Z (Resident)

Management is very attentive to the needs of my parents. They’re very easy to work with, very accommodating, they keep in touch with us with every little thing that my mom might require and they inform us of everything they do. I can’t say enough about the management. I visit and eat with my mother during the lunches and I think they do a wonderful job in the dining room. The woman running the kitchen knows my mom by name and comes out to give her a hug, what else can you ask for? This is like a senior resort and my mom says she has everything she needs there.

Ken F (Son)

The staff just made moving in really simple for us, they had someone come out to where my father was and do everything for us. The receptionists are really good and welcoming, I like the fact the staff gets to know everyone’s names and I think they do a good job at that. He is delighted with their food, the chef even comes out of the kitchen to talk to the guests and he even knows their names. The housekeeping staff goes out of their way to talk to my dad and be super nice. I really think it’s a great place, they’ve been providing all the services my dad needs.

Christine B (Daughter)

They’re very friendly, they treat people like family which is a wonderful things. They’re all very compassionate people, everyone has been very good. Bentley has been so wonderful, I love it there. It’s a lovely setting and the location is beautiful.

Gale H (Daughter)

I feel like I have gotten phenomenal services so the price is worth it. I am always praising this community and I always tell people that this is the best community in this county. It is a blessing to have this community here.

Laura D (Daughter)

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